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  •  He's a practicing catholic (none)
    Just read that somewhere else.
    What are catholic journals he may have written for?
    •  A thing called Catholic Apologetics International (4.00)
      included Roberts' nomination to the Circuit court  in its List of President Bush's pro-life efforts & accomplishments:

      John Roberts -- Roberts was nominated for the Circuit Court of Appeals for Washington D.C., and was approved by the Senate Judiciary Committee in
      February. As a Justice Department official in the 1990s, he argued that Roe
      v. Wade was wrongly decided and actively promoted efforts to get that
      decision overturned. In one brief he argued that pro-life protesters
      outside abortion businesses did not discriminate against women. He
      supported a pro-life measure prohibiting federally-funded family planning
      facilities from referring for abortions.


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