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View Diary: SCOTUS: Actually, We've Already Won (350 comments)

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    than to stand up straight. Realize the truth (He'll be approved) and keep our sights pointed to Iraq, Downing Street and Karl Rove.

    I fear Karl Rove and what's next after George Bush...we cannot allow anymore Rove NEOCON building to go on. This country will not be worth living in and there won't be any jobs worth working at. The corps will be running prisons and we all will be working in sweat shops again. Or maybe just setting in the streets like all the men and women in Bagdad.

    I felt a bit of "we won"......yesterday. We forced an announcement and the guy sounds pretty clean. He's got an abortion thingy hangin around him but even that was an argument and not his personal belief "HE SAID"????...

    Look...the judge thing is a smoke screen...we all know it. Let the Senate do their thing...we Americans need to keep the arrow pointed at the Bald Guy in the White House...(Cheney and Rove)

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