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    44 Democratic senators represent 3.3 million more American citizens than 55 GOP senators.

    Forgive me for doing a little horn-tooting, but I posted this diary over the weekend in which I showed in detail how Dems are a majority of the Senate representation in two ways:

    1. Dem Senators represent more people: (148 million to 145 million, using 2004 Census estimates).

    2. (Perhaps even more important) Democrats serving in the Senate today were elected by 61 million votes, while GOP senators were elected by 59 million. Also, the total votes received by all candidates, win or lose, was: 99.5 million Democratic, 98.3 million GOP.

    It is not the responsibility of the state to help its citizens get into heaven nor to save them from hell.

    by Dan K on Wed Jul 20, 2005 at 09:09:01 AM PDT

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