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View Diary: SCOTUS: Actually, We've Already Won (350 comments)

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  •  Overturning Roe v. Wade would devastate the GOP (none)
    I think this person has a point.  Take a look at the Los Angeles Times report on July 4th.  It says it all.  With the nomination of John Roberts, he could actually help Democrats in an unusual way.  If the decision is overturned, the moderate GOP will leave the party and will either join the Democrats or go into a third party.  Also, there is the possibility for women to get to the Democrats.  The most problematic will be coming from the Northeast for the GOP.  They either do not know or don't want to know.  And I think the biggest change that the American people will see is that they will become the party of theocracy.  That is where the massive losses will take place.,1,5980222.story?coll=la-headlines-fron tpage

    •  Absolutely (none)
      Today, there are a handful of zealots on both sides who worry about abortion.

      If the stance were to change, it'd wake up the middle and we'd have an honest to goodness real debate.

      The Republicans do NOT want that.

      I've heard all of the arguments of the slippery slope, of how we can't afford to risk this.  They aren't compelling, and show kneejerk reactions rather than thoughtful reflection.

    •  The end of Roe (none)
      ...would spell the end of the GOP majority. It would show people, in a very clear and immediate way, that having a Republican government reaps dramatic and disasterous results.

      The reason the GOP has gotten away with what they've been doing for so long is because their changes to our society have been incremental -- significant, but incremental. Increasing inequality, the erosion of the middle class, bad foreign policy -- all of these things change our nation slowly. People often don't draw a direct correlation between these things and conservative principles.

      Overturning Roe would. And then people would finally wake up.

      It's just ashame that things have to go so far for that to hapen.

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