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View Diary: SCOTUS: Actually, We've Already Won (350 comments)

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  •  Strategy, not Evaluation! (none)
    There's a fundamental and troubling problem with this thread that is worth discussing, I think.  All of this talk of the Roberts nomination as either a Victory or Loss for the Democrats is based on the assumption that the actions of the Bush Administration define our success or failure.  It is sheer insanity, however, to pin our hopes upon the actions of our opponent.  That's the strategy of a losing organization.  Our focus should be on our own reaction to Bush's pick, which will turn out to be good or bad for him and us not based on any intrinsic factors, but on the way both sides play the game.  

    Our strategy needs some serious consideration. For my part, I think Borking or personal attacks will play right into the "Dems are obstructionists" narrative the GOP has been laboring at.  Better to make Roberts's views as clear as possible and the stakes of his confirmation as explicit as possible for upcoming elections.  Also, casting some doubt on his social conservatism could help weaken the "christian" right's enthusiasm for Roberts and for Bush. (Wouldn't the ultimate jujitsu move here be to praise Roberts in terms that make the christian right think they've been screwed again by Bushco?)

    Strategy, not Evaluation!

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