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  •  Jenna and Barbara (3.50)
    I am completely on your side in general terms.  Iraq is a disaster, and was a disaster from the start.  We need to figure out the most effective way to get out of there with as little loss of life as possible.  President Bush is likely the worst president in history, and I think the very best he deserves is impeachment.

    But PLEASE stop with this "Mr. President, why haven't you sent your daughters?" thing!!!  It drives me crazy.

    Jenna and Barbara are ADULT WOMEN.  They get to make their OWN CHOICES.  They didn't choose to be the children of a warmongering President.  And their father has no right to send them off to war!  And for what it's worth, if they DID go to Iraq, I'll bet most of those clamoring for their enlistment would jump all over them for "enlisting as a PR ploy".

    Calling out Bush for hypocrisy is legitimate for a million things, not the least of which being his own draft-dodging in Vietnam when he was fighting age.  Or the fact that the greatest sacrifice he's asked of the general public is to go shopping -- not a single call to service in his entire presidency!  "Thanks for giving your lives, soldiers.  Keep shopping, everyone else."

    But his daughters enlisting or not enlisting should not in any way be used against him.  So cut it out.


    •  Love 'ya Cindy (none)
      My thoughts and prayers will be with you. Your face is a consistent light for all of us.
    •  I wish I could give you several 4's for that (none)
      Same goes for congressmen and yellow elephants. Let them go themselves- but lets not ask them to use their children as a political ploy.
    •  Except that... (4.00)
      Bush's daughters were already used as a political ploy in favor of his "election" and "re-election". If they were against the war they (as adult women) had the chance to speak up. Can you imagine how awesome that would have been? So if people get to use their kids to make themselves appear to be "human", then we get to use them to show how inhumane they really are.
      •  nail on the head (4.00)
        "Bush's daughters were already used as a political ploy in favor of his "election" and "re-election"."

        The Bush family can't have it both ways.  

        If they want to use the image of a tight-knit, wonderful American family for political P.R., then they've already opened the door to this.  

        Personally, I don't feel any squeamishness about this.  At all.  They've made this about all our families, and especially families like the heroic Ms. Sheehan's.  They don't respect our families, or our privacy.  And they want us to worship at their cult of Bush personality, but not come in for a REAL look.  

        Screw that.

        But if one is hesitant about crossing some kind of ethical line (one I don't understand, at this point), then I think it's perfectly legit to ask the question this way:

        Mr. President, since you say that the war in Iraq is such a generation-defining struggle, and it's so crucial to the security of the United States, and democracy itself... have you encouraged your daughters to serve in Iraq?

        If President Bubble Boy ever deigned to answer --unlikely as that is -- it might be something like:

        "My daughters support the struggle for Freedom.  But they are adults, and old enough to make decisions for themselves."

        And that's where reporters usually roll over and play dead.  (Well, actually that point is usually before the first question is even asked.   But humor me here.)

        But if someday God grants us a real reporter who is allowed to ask unscripted questions to Mr. Bubble, and does so, the followup goes:

        Yes sir, of course they're old enough to make their own decisions.  But that wasn't my question.  I asked if YOU ENCOURAGED THEM TO SERVE, since Iraq is so important to our country's safety and survival.  Sure, your daughters might turn down your request, but... have you tried to persuade them to go?  To clarify, I'm asking about something you either did or didn't do, sir...not theoretically, and not anything about your daughters' responses to what you did, or said.

        And then...

        Ah.  Sad, really.  I'm making up imaginary journalists who are brave enough to ask questions, and not be spun.  

        Excuse me, gotta go weep.    

    •  I call BS! (4.00)
      You're wrong. It IS his duty to recruit his service eligible daughters to fight in the war of choice he started. His daughters campaigned with him as adults, their choice, let them back up their deeds. Where is their honor?

      Throughout history, kings son's have led their armies.. Pream and Hector come to mind... if it's good enough for my servants, it's good enough for my family.. it was a matter of family honor and kept many kings from starting many wars..

      It SHOULD be a constitutional amendment that any politician voting for war will make thier family eligible for service duty immediately. We, the citizens, are not their pawns of war. They work for us, remember?

      This dual class citizenship of ours has to end. Same for all public figures, preachers, newspaper owners, etc.

      I hope Cindy's group makes this point over and over and over again in Crawford.

      Apathy, the New American Passtime

      by Zen to Go on Thu Aug 04, 2005 at 02:15:01 PM PDT

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    •  he's encouraging other parents to send their kids (4.00)
      Yes, the twins are 23, grown women in a legal sense, and George can't "send" them to Iraq.

      But he wants other parents to encourage their children to enlist with the ad campaign the military is running aimed at persuading the parents of potential recruits.

      If the twins were boys this would be easier to see.  He thinks this war is important enough for someone else's 23 year old daughter to go, but has not encouraged his own children to go.

      On the contrary they get to party hearty and irresponsibly and act like the spoiled Republican brats they are.

      The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

      Politics is like driving. To go backward, put it in R. To go forward, put it in D.

      by TrueBlueMajority on Thu Aug 04, 2005 at 02:29:51 PM PDT

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    •  CORRECTION (none)
      their names are Jenna and not-Jenna.

      Dick Cheney Eats Babies

      by chester666 on Fri Aug 05, 2005 at 06:12:28 AM PDT

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