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View Diary: We Are Going to Crawford to stop the killing (243 comments)

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  •  Just for my other roommate, the fiance of the othe (none)
    So there were supposed to be quotation marks around "overbearing" (like that), to indicate that my roommate is not in fact overbearing but has thought of something that we, in our excitement, seem to have forgotten: you get arrested if you don't have a permit.  So I'm posting this here (sorry to waste the space, which is what I wanted to avoid originally since no one here knows me or my roommates, but apparently one is now reading dKos as my lack of quotation marks upset her).  It's a clarification.  My roommate is conscientious, not overbearing- and he has a good point.

    So- anyone know the status of permits for this protest?

    How do you eat an elephant? A piece at a time.

    by electricgrendel on Thu Aug 04, 2005 at 02:18:19 PM PDT

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