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  •  Agnosticism is a wholly valid choice for some. (4.00)
    For me, the key is the simple statement: I don't know.  I consider it very likely that the human brain's capacity to understand the nature of a higher being, if such a being even exists, would be somewhere in the general vicinity of the ability of a paramecium to understand the workings of a Cray supercomputer.

    The problem with Talibanesque movements, whether in Southwest Asia or in the heartland of America, seems to be that they don't seek a greater understanding of things about them; they've determined that they have the One Right Answer, and are forcing it on people - and those who question, who test, who apply to religion the principles of learning (rather than the other way around - those people are The Enemy.

    For myself, I recoil at the definitive statements found in the Bible - especially since they appear to be self-contradictory.  But by the same token, I can't take the atheist's route, and say definitively that "God" is a false concept.

    I haven't got enough neural pathways in my brain to know that, either.  All I can do is worry about this world, and do the best I can by my fellow human beings.  To parrot a belief that requires me to take a leap of faith which is beyond me, to me, would be a greater sin.

    (As an aside, Einstein's equation of mass and energy - the famous E=mc2 - didn't come as a bolt from the blue, but beacuse he took apart the generally accepted theories of everyone who had come before.  He questioned.  And he came one step closer to whatever Ultimate Truth is out there.  No theocon can claim the same.)

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