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View Diary: Dear Mr. President - My Letter to the POTUS (146 comments)

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    Rena, your words spoke tons, but as always they will fall upon deaf ears.  The right is not known for compassion.  They are not known to take the time to see the whole picture that you have described here..

    The lack of leadership has been reflected in most everything President Bush and those in his admin has touched in the time he has been in office.  He is not a man who seems to understand that he works for we the people; I feel he will go down in history as a man who did not look after the average american, but was more interested in lining the pockets of corporate America.

    As those in the gulf states wonder, where, why, how and when, they also know they cannot look to this President to provide the leadership to help them through it.  Where will they live?  What about a job?  Will they be able to rebuild?  Will they get the levees fixed?  Where is the leadership that needs to be in place so these people can have brighter tomorrows?    

    Your letter speaks volumes; too bad it will fall upon deaf ears tho...

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