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  •  You assume a lack of original thinking (4.00)
    Suppose the Dems say, We need to get rid of the tax break for gas guzzling SUVs? That is the truth.

    Suppose they say, Bush has encouraged massive consumption of gasoline, while we desparately need to cut down our usage. That is the truth.

    Suppose they say, Bush has ignored global warming. This hurricane, which intensified because the Gulf of Mexico was at least 2 degrees warmer than usual, makes clear just how dangerous global warming is. That is the truth.

    I think cowering under a rock is the last thing Democrats should be doing right now. Don't make stupid, false claims ("I will lower energy prices"). But continue to tell the truth, as loudly as possible.

    If the Right Wing Slug Squad comes out in force to critique some comment, let them come. Then criticize them strongly, from strength, with the TRUTH. Because one of these days we have to get back to it.

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