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View Diary: Bush arrives in the gulf and ala kazam so does help (20 comments)

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    That this mass entry of help was carefully staged and timed.  There is simply no way that the hundreds of busses now neatly lined next to the Convention Center could have just amasse over time without someone having seen them coming in.  This was an all at once, dead of night, mobilization that no doubt was carried out in short order.

    Thus begging the question of why it was not done on Wednesday.  Since it seems clear that Yes our government can indeed mobilize in a hurry - when it thinks it really needs to.

    I wonder if it was the dead senior citizen in her wheelchair being shown all over CNN, or Anderson Cooper's brutal description of having seen a corpse being eaten by rats that finally got these fuckers off their duff? The world may never know......

    My separate place for mental meanderings: Political Sapphire

    by shanikka on Fri Sep 02, 2005 at 10:38:13 AM PDT

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