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View Diary: AP reports it: Gore airlifted 270 patients and residents Saturday/Sunday (200 comments)

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  •  Al Gore, pathological liar. (3.61)
    See? The story says "about" 140 patients/evacuees! That doen't give us a real factual number! Someone (Al Gore) is just making it up! He can't help but tell lies. All the major news outlets told me so in the 2000 campaign!
    •  Yeah (4.00)
      I just had to educate a whole class of computer science students that Gore "inventing" the internet was a lie told by Dick Armey.  One of them made the tired old reference that Gore invented the internet.  It took 5 seconds on Google to debunk.  If this is the future of compsci students then we are in big trouble.

      Also, he has more to do with it than you'd think as   explained in an email from the real inventors of the internet ;)  

      So...if Bush proposed the Hydrogen car and Gore invented the internet then which are we doing:
      Surfing the net?
      Driving in cars that use no oil and give water for exhaust (talk about vapor ware)

      •  As republicans, they can have it both ways... (4.00)
        As I recall at the time Gore was touting the "Information Superhighway", the Rs were snickering about how dorky an idea it was to commercialize this goofy academic network thing. Waste of taxpayers dollars, blah, blah, etc.  So they pointed fingers at him for leading the charge, and when he turned out to be right, they pointed fingers at him for having the temerity to mention that he was right.

        BTW, did you catch the line in Vint Cerf's letter:

        "As an example, he sponsored hearings on how advanced technologies might be put to use in areas like coordinating the response of government agencies to natural disasters and other crises."

        I dont know who would want to have a President with something other than drug induced visions.

    •  Gore invented the internets (none)
      but Bush went one up on him and invented the realities we live and breath today.
    •  I see that (none)
      someone didn't recognize the sarcasm in your remark and thought you were lashing at Gore, not the wortless media, and gave you a 1. Have a 4 on me.

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