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View Diary: AP reports it: Gore airlifted 270 patients and residents Saturday/Sunday (200 comments)

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  •  What can and what should be :) (3.83)
    swingvoter, I am with you on each one of your points. Since what has goneby has indeed goneby, perhaps we could make a difference by getting behind and encouraging a 2008 run by Gore, and in drumming up support for it.

    Towards this end, I'd like to introduce here this diary, where I make a case (and a collage) for why Gore would make a great candidate in 2008, and also urging Al to run in 2008: The Earth's in Peril, Mr. (Vice) President!

    It would be great if Al decides to return to politics and becomes one of our strongest voices even before the 2008 season comes our way. We badly need some powerful voices, in join that of Howard Dean.

    Joan Reports: thanks for the post with the additional details about these missions!

    •  First its got to be 2006 (4.00)
      Without a Democratic win in 2006, the neocons will get a free ride for two more years before 2008.

      But if Gore is the right candidate to take back the WH, then I am all for him.

      I think Clark would be great too, from what I have seen so far. I don't have much confidence in anyone else, first of all to win the WH, then to lead the country back to sanity.

    •  Please vote in this myDD straw poll (4.00)

      I posted a straw poll on myDD for 2008 prospects here. Unlike Chris Bowers' september straw (on myDD FP), it includes Al Gore as a potential candidate.

      Please visit the poll, and VOTE!


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