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  •  Balkin's point (none)
    Professor Balkin has said as much, as well. (I'm too lazy to look up the link right now, but Balkinization should have some archives on this.)

    Reversing privacy protection would have devastating long-term effects for the GOP, as it would open the door to banning birth control, abortion, and the scant gay rights protections outlined in Lawrence and based on Griswold's precendent. That's tempting red meat for the social wingnut base, but it would be devastating to the GOP if lost the ability to stir up its crowd with inflamatory emotional language about dead babies and wanton sex fiends.

    No, Roe and privacy are fairly safe, in my opinion. The GOP likes to keep that carrot around to wave in front of its social base.

    I'm much more worried at this point on the ever-growing unchecked powers of the police granted through PATRIOT I/II and the too-corporate friendly decisions coming down from the court recently. On the social base, the one issue that remains a troubling question mark to me is affirmative action. I'll be the first to pop the champagne when we can do away with affirmative action laws because we've truly built a society where opportunity is not colorblind, but we sure ain't there yet.

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