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  •  Unfortunately (none)
    the majority of our electorate has been impressed by the smoke screen..."W" is a "good Christian man" overrides the terrible damage that is the result of his moronic actions.  To some he is "a straight talker" though in reality he has the intellectual curiosity and depth of a June bug.  His supporters have him walking on water, so to speak.

    Judge Roberts is a pretty package.  Additonally, he has a cool and calm demeanor, his quick and authorative responses (whether obfuscation, little white lies or blatant ones) will suffice to get the public behind his confirmation.  Judge Roberts is a good ol' (smart) boy...a very good casting job by the Bushies.

    The public will see the stridency of the Democrats on the Committee juxtaposed on the layed-back Republicans and again it will warm the cockels of their hearts.

    The Democrats have no chance of standing in the way of this matter the facts.  Only an act of idiocy or a total and complete (uncharacteristic) blunder on the part of Roberts would cause any problem.  Don't expect either failure.  Roberts will be reported out of the Committee with an affirmative recommendation to the full Senate.  The public will return to the thoughtless bliss of worrying about the programming available in prime time television.  Blogs will move on to the next news cycle issue.

    Cynical?  You bet...learned from the most cynical and most dangerous administration to ever grace (pollute) our federal establishment.

    Based on careful reading of this forum, I didn't realize so many lawyers were underemployed...all this time off the clock.  How do they eat?

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