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View Diary: They knew highways would be jammed...they were jammed in Florida 4 times last year. (39 comments)

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  •  According to a Texas official... (4.00)
    ...who was just on MSNBC, it's their own damn fault for not evacuating earlier.  How that poor woman who evacuated on tuesday can be blamed I do not know, but apparently those people stuck in traffic tuesday, yesterday, and today (to avoid a hurricane that isn't supposed to hit until saturday morning) should have known better and evacuated last week, when the traffic was smoother.  Heaven knows... it's not the governments fault for not having a plan for opening the inbound freeway lanes.  No... Texas is a good republican state, and they can do no wrong.  

    Make special note of all of the school buses being used in the evacuation.  I bet the right wing web sites are simply eating that picture up.  

    •  Evacuate sooner. (none)
      Yes, of course. The entire Gulf Coast should evacuate each year from late August until mid-November. After all, you never know when a storm might hit. I'd say these people are stupid, but that's not true. They just know how to manipulate the American people who refuse to think.

      The school bus you can see in the photo looks empty. Not that it will matter to the wingers.

      •  I wonder if they are being driven out... (none)
        just to ensure that there are no photographs of flooded buses. Remember - it's not really saving lives that matters the most to republicans, it's APPEARING to have not screwed up.  

        Hmmmm... I wonder if those empty buses could be as valuable to the left as the flooded buses are to the right.  What is a better symbol... Flooded buses which could have been used to evacuate poor people, if drivers had been available, or empty buses being driven without passengers when poor people are waiting at greyhound stations with little hope of finding a bus to take them to safety.  

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