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  •  cheers and jeers (4.00)
    Cheers to Bill, Michael, most of the Bobs and Bobettes and all the Irregulars, both old and new.

    Jeers to feeling marginalized. On an evening when I saw emails from more people planning to walk away from Daily Kos, the "safe haven" of the Cafe is stripped away.

    Anyone who knows me there knows that I can give shit and take it, just ask DDem about mattresses, but one thing consistantly exists behind the teasing, respect. I am not so sure about that anymore...

    Cheers to good friends who step up and support each other when needed.

    Cheers to staying sober. Sure, I may not use the AA method, but does that automatically make me a Bush-like dry-drunk? If you don't know me, don't make that assumption.

    That is all.


    Do you like poetry? Then you might want to avoid the the white trash poet

    by the white trash poet on Thu Sep 29, 2005 at 06:28:26 AM PDT

    •  I come here because I love Bill (4.00)
      and all the Irregulars...long live snark...

      But KOS and his comments are really starting to piss me off...

      Hey Bill, does Booman have enough bandwidth to support C&J?

      Your concepts are a stake to which a donkey can be tethered for 10 million years ~Zen saying

      by wry twinger on Thu Sep 29, 2005 at 06:38:59 AM PDT

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      •  Pissed off is right (4.00)
        Cheers to everyone who made sacrifices to attend the Peace March in DC.

        Jeers to Kos's condescension towards the march.

        Cheers to Cindy Sheehan for galvanizing the peace and anti-Bush movements.

        Jeers to those who think we've accomplished more than she has with our donations, rants, letters and blogs.

      •  I'm just gonna be... (4.00)
        following all you guys around, wherever you end up...
      •  Kos amuses me (4.00)
        more than pisses me off.

        He's a kid.  He didn't grow up during the 60's and 70's.  He looks at what conservatives did and thinks we should copy that instead of relying on more traditional tactics.

        He forgets one thing: if you own the streets, you really have no need to take to them, do you?

        If the Democrats are the party of the powerless, then we have to resort to the tactics of the powerless because those other tactics are not at our disposal.

      •  I don't mind being pissed off (4.00)
        sometimes here. It makes me think. And it makes me glad we aren't all a bunch of mindless ditto heads. Diversity and disagreement is what makes this place different and IMHO is what makes Democrats superior to the current crop of Republicans.
    •  CHEERS to you Darrell! (4.00)
      You are doing what is best and works for you, and that is what matters.

      "Just because you do not take an interest in politics, doesn't mean politics won't take an interest in you" - Pericles, 430 BCE

      by 42 on Thu Sep 29, 2005 at 07:25:13 AM PDT

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    •  Noted. (4.00)
      I don't use the "dry drunk" label on anyone, including George Bush.

      I think it's offensive to toss that label around and I've responded to its rampant use on other threads before.

      The "dry drunks" is a term for the way alcohol alters one's brain.  Even after one quits drinking, the bad patterns of thinking has to be addressed.  People can do this a variety of ways.  There are 12-step programs.  Some have developed a streamlined, but more intensive 5-step program.  Others need re-hab.  Still others rely on more traditional sorts of talk therapy.

      People are criticizing George Bush for eschewing any sort of therapy or treatment and just quitting "cold turkey."  If that's really what he did, what could have remained after all those years of abuse is the alterned brain patterns that lead to bad judgement that he had while he was drinking.

      •  Actually, after having done my inventory (4.00)
        I realized that my patterns of thinking and acting were set long before I started drinking. The alcohol was just enhancement and reinforcement. Of course drinking kept me from changing them; it was only after quitting drinking that I could hope to start work developing new patterns.

        vulgus vult decipi -- Phaedrus

        by fritzrth on Thu Sep 29, 2005 at 11:41:35 AM PDT

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    •  About that peace thing, WTP (4.00)
      I got that old time protest feeling at my house last night.  Unexpectedly, I just sat and stared at the TV for two solid hours watching PBS's new popumentary- Get Up Stand Up: The Story of Pop & Protest.

      Chuck D from Public Enemy was the narrator, which is cool on so many levels. Straight from Compton analyzed in the evolution of political speech? That just gave me chills. They covered everything from Leadbelly to Nina Simone, from Woody Guthrie to Bruuuuuccce.

      Geldof talking about adapting to gen-x political disengagement, then Sir Bob trading theories with Bono about methods of modern political activism was fascinating. It's all part of the same song, after all, and I'm just refreshed after sitting through their narrative.

      How many protesters out there on Saturday, do you think, remember John and Yoko's bed protest? They might recognize the pictures, but the foundation for it? Lennon's matter of fact explanation about their strategy still resonates- that they were going to get the press inches anyway for their popstar wedding, so they decided to use that space as a "commercial for peace".  Absolutely a masterful use of modern media.  

      Listening to the music was so amazing- you forget sometimes why it's so critically related to activism and political change. A protest lasts for a couple hours and that's great, but a song about freedom or justice lasts forever. Stick THAT in your virtual pipes and smoke it, all you pouty blogger boys!

      Today's selection (on a scratchy cassette tape recorded straight from radio in the 80s): Sun City

      South Africa Away to South Africa
      Got to say I ain't gonna play Sun City

      I ain't gonna play Sun City
      I ain't gonna play Sun City
      (Everybody Say)
      I ain't gonna play Sun City
      (No baby)
      I ain't gonna play Sun City

      Relocation to phoney homelands
      Separation of families I can't understand
      Twenty three million can't vote 'cause they're black
      We're stabbing our brothers and sisters in the back I'm gonna say

      Out Government tell us "we're doing all we can"
      Constructive engagement is Ronald Reagan's plan
      Meanwhile people are dying and giving up hope
      This quiet diplomacy ain't nothing but a joke


      It's time to accept resposibility
      Freedom is a priviledge nobody rides for free
      Look around the world baby it cannot be denied
      Why we're always on the wrong side


      Boputhuswana is far away
      But we know it's in South Africa no matter what they say
      You can't buy me I don't care what you pay
      Don't ask me Sun City 'cause I ain't gonna play


      Relocation to phoney homelands
      Separation of families I can't understand
      Twenty three million can't vote 'cause they're black
      We're stabbing our brothers and sisters in the back I'm gonna say


      "Our attitude was- the revolution can't start until we find our hair gel." Joe Strummer

      by histopresto on Thu Sep 29, 2005 at 08:55:13 AM PDT

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