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  •  I re-catted 5 weeks ago today:>) (4.00)
    They've settled in pretty well (knock wood!), and it's been weeks since I've needed (?) to isolate them when I'm not here to supervise.

    At the moment, the're both halfway sacked-out & staring at me as I type; we've spent the last 45 minutes or so playing with wand toys - much more strenuous for them than for me:>)

    Here's a picture from after last week's catnip celebration & play session.

    •  What a couple of sweeties! (none)
      I knew you had "recatted," but I had forgotten you had two of them.  They look like they've bonded tightly with each other.

      I'll have to post a pic of two of my babies, Lefty and Snowball, loving each other up.  They are mother and son, and they are absolutely devoted to each other.

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