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  •  Thank you, thank you! (4.00)
    Appreciate the work here, Stirling, will begin to put to use and disseminate.

    I do have a challenge with one item: "a drag"

    The use of "tax" by Republicans is typically in reference to revenue increasing vehicles -- not to economic "speed governors".

    I refer to taxes as investments, can be interchanged when referring to highly targeted credits for promotion of certain sectors or habits or with revenues for specific functions.

    Investment in America is essential if we want ROI.  No investment, no ROI.  National highways yield ROI; imagine the lack of national highways.  Credits focused tightly on innovation in alternative fuels and technology yields jobs in America and future national security; can't imagine what the future would be like without improvements in these areas.  Investments in early childhood education yield fewer adults in prison; is there even a choice?

    Thanks again, Stirling.

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