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  •  Step aside, Lakoff... (none)
    ...we've got NEWBERRY~!

    Stirling, for whatever it's worth I'm remembering this post when Koufax time comes around.  This is the kind of that if would gain widespread acceptance and use could start to swing the political discussion and terms of debate back in our favor.  I hope someone high up at the DNC is reading this.  Distribute this to ALL your elected officials and spokespeople, make them memorize it and use it on CNN, FOX, MSNBC, etc.

    "It's time to come home, America"--Senator Robert Byrd (D-WV), September 13, 2005

    by Raybin on Fri Sep 30, 2005 at 07:36:22 AM PDT

    •  I was thinking along those lines myself (none)
      as I read Stirling's diary here; I have trouble with  Lakoff's main idea being the strict father vs. nurturing mother.  (Maybe because I'm a strict mother!)  It is way too small a meme for universal use, it simply doesn't cover very much of our language problem.  It does not cover greed, it does not cover privilege, it does not cover lack of freedom, it does not cover, to use language from my world, "reading the signs of the times" - there is no room in that meme for prophetic imagery.  There is a place for Lakoff; but I think, finally, Stirling has satisfied my need for ways to incorporate prophetic imagery into my political speech.  There is more than just that one over-used idea that Lakoff has made so much money on, there is way more nourishment here. (Not that I am not happy that Lakoff can make a living with his idea, Godde bless him; but it is time to develop our language and imagery, not just parrot his.)  I hve bookmarked, forwarded, and recommended this diary; and hope we can, as a community, continue to refine these ideas, use them in our political discourse outside DailyKos, and report back on their effectiveness regularly.

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