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View Diary: Miers Confirmation Hearing Will be Pure Gold (321 comments)

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  •  Per Rove's advice he picked evangelical Christian (none)
    it's a no brainer.  If they want the "base" to deliver again and again he has to keep hammering away with anti-choice fundamentalists.
    It was what disqualified Gonzales.
    •  In fact... (none)
      ...I think that they're going to use Miers to get Gonzales onto the court.

      The deal is that Bush wanted Gonzales on the SC, and was shocked that his will would be opposed by his base.  So here's what Rove and him came up with:

      1. Get Rehnquist's replacement -- who is going to be reliably right-wing -- dealt with first.  Done.

      2. Nominate someone who isn't totally vile to replace O'Connor, then sit back and watch Rush and the other hate-radio folk whip up their base into a hate-frenzy.  (It helps if the Democrats, eager to see right-wingers chasing their tails, praise her just to drive them nuts.)    Done.

      3. Wait a spell -- a few hours or a few days -- before "bowing to pressure from conservatives" and dumping Miers.  Expect this before the week is out, perhaps before the day is out.

      4. Nominate Alberto Gonzales in her stead.  When right-wingers howl, say "Hey, I already deep-sixed Miers for you -- what more do you want?"

      5. Associate Justice Alberto Gonzales.
      •  I think you overestimate the fickleness (none)
        with which SCOTUS picks can be revisited, and Bush is not someone who likes to look like he was bullied.  It is nothing short of miraculous that 'Brownie' lost his job.
        •  That's precisely why... (none)
          ...he's doing this:

          He wants his original choice:  Gonzales.

          That's why Bush nominated Miers today.  She's a woman -- and unmarried, which opens her to accusations of being "moderate" à la David Dreier -- and nowhere near as conservative as the firebreathers who axed Gonzales want to see.

          So, he'll nominate her... then withdraw her nomination (or rather, have her withdraw it herself "to spend time with her family"), and then officially nominate Gonzales.

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