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  •  We always (none)
    talk about the right wing base, and how important they are to the repubs in national elections. True as that may be, they would be sunk without old fashioned, 'moderate' repubs.

    This group has not been too keen on the situation in DC. I'm thinking Bush/Rove realize that if they do nothing but toss red meat to the religeous fringe, they will lose too many of the moderate, suburban repubs in '06.

    This nomination is a signal to moderates that Bush hasn't gone so completely bonkers as it seems.

    It will be interesting to see if the rabid wing of the repub party will dutifully take their seats at the back of the bus. Or, will they finally realize that they're getting played as a bunch of dupes?

    I'm not optimistic. Those people are a bunch of dupes. They haven't revolted against the party yet. I don't see why they would start now.

    If this move soothes the moderates, it will be a very uphill fight in '06.

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