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View Diary: Miers Confirmation Hearing Will be Pure Gold (321 comments)

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  •  Is that perjury? (none)
    I don't think so. What's the lie under oath?

    "Will you pledge to do XYZ?"



    "You didn't do XYZ. You lied under oath."

    "No I didn't. I pledged to do XYZ. That was true."

    "But you broke your pledge."

    "Yes, but I didn't lie. I definitely did pledge."

    There's no lie under oath here. Sneakiness under oath, but no lie.

    •  You can't perjure about intent (4.00)
      But you can perjure about past actions.  Georgia's diary suggests questions about her past actions, which are fair game--especially with no judicial record to review.  

      With years of association with Bush and his flying monkeys, there's got to be mountains of shady activity in her past.  Surely there are smart ways to get around confidentiality issues to put her on the record about some very embarrassing stuff, and at least make her confirmation a Pyrrhic victory for Bush.  With luck, we can catch her in perjury, and use it as grounds for impeachment at a future date.

      Now a New Mexican, and much the better for it.

      by Dallasdoc on Mon Oct 03, 2005 at 12:26:29 PM PDT

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