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  •  I'd like those tough questions asked... (4.00) opposed to Bill Frist and John Cornyn hitting the PR trail to lay the groundword for a non-inquisitive confirmation process.  

    The Republicans are hiring this person, too - they might want to ask a few questions without a predisposition to confirm.  

    It is crazy.  

    Specifically, as has been pointed out on this and other sites, questions:

    • The foreign currency case her firm handled - how was she involved;

    • The plame affair, would she recuse herself if her former employer and nominating sponsor came before her at the court;

    • TANG; What did she do with the documents researched on Bush's military record;

    • What was her role in the Texas Rangers and the messy aftermath suits invovling the Curtis Mathis family which left the City of Arlington holding the bill for the Rangers.  

    Dignity, civility and political stregnth all need to be kept in mind, but so does the truth.  

    We ought to be able to ask without it being considered politically malicious.  


    George W Bush - Plame Duck President

    by Tug on Mon Oct 03, 2005 at 05:07:38 PM PDT

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