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  •  I'm Angry (none)
    Regardless of the merits (or lack thereof) of the nominee, it would be nice to have the Democratic Party united - whether it be Reid and Leahy both expressing a tempered confidence in the nominee, or both expressing a tempered wariness of the nominee.  Of course, I'd prefer the former, but I'd settle for the latter, as long as it could be easily perceived by the average person that both of these men were from the same Party.  

    That angers me more and more each day.  

    •  i am asking you as devil's advocate question (none)
      what values are you arguing about. i would prefer if you who say you are mad would provide more than generalities. ie, thus far i've heard vague terms like she is a "corporatist" and "well, it's a bush nominee and that is reason alone to diss the nomination" i honestly don't have a dog in this race- not because i dont care but because i dont understand the nature of your fight right now or how you can sustain it. look, i don't believe the enemy of my enemy is my friend. the fact the christian right doesn't love here is irrelevant. but, i want sometime more in terms of things to oppose about her than what've heard. even the stuff about her qualifications is a pretty thin argument considering the justices we've had on the S Ct before. part of me like i said is playing devil's advocate to get y'all to provide more cogent and focused arguments that hit me in the gut like yeah- i can see it. but general labels aren't helping.

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