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  •  Harriet's Blog is a Joke (none)
    But like all good satire, it has a certain plausibility.

    David Gergen is on LKL expressing doubts about her qualifications: "The thinnest credentials of any nominee in modern history."  Orrin "Voldemort" Hatch is saying that conservatives will be happy with her, and besides, five years of working for Bush is excellent experience.  Dick Durbin is saying that if Bush wants us to rely on her experience in the WH the WH better disclose documents.  Hatch says "you can't produce that stuff.  Its privileged! They'll have to ask her questions and hopes she answers them."  

    Durbin presses on. "Then how can we make an informed decision about her?"  I don't know much about him, but he seemed pretty reasonable while still making his point.  What do people think about him?

    "Our enemy is innovative and resourceful and so are we. Our enemy never stops thinking of new ways to harm us and our country, and neither do we." G.W. Bush

    by litigatormom on Mon Oct 03, 2005 at 06:11:20 PM PDT

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