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  •  Big tent: Calling Pat Buchanan (none)
    Remember when the GOP was known for their big tent?

    I suspect the next SC session is going to make the social conservatives under their tent wince. Once bitten, twice really pissed off.

    Just food for thought, but social conservatives have far more in common with us than they do with the corporatist pigs in the RNC. That's a fact.

    If only we could see past the litmus test administrators in the Katha Pollitt wing of the party.

    Another fact: between a fifth and a quarter of dems are Pro-life.

    Another fact: most Euro nations, the ones where the Katha Pollitt wing of the party tend to go take their summer vacations, have the sort of abortion restrictions the enaction of which these self-styled demo-elites insist represent a slippery slope towards terrible infringements on civil liberties. And yet...

    On the other hand, these "Katha Pollitt" wing dems tolerate market fundamentalism, erosion of labor rights, and similar labor issues because, quite frankly, these issues in the main do not pertain to them.

    I say leave these dems to the Greens or, where they most belong, the business RINOs or, in the case of the Alexander Cockburns of this world, the libertarans.

    It's tome to start talking to Pat Buchanan and friends. We already agree on trade. We agree on foreign policy. We agree on labor rights. We agree on balanced budgets. We agree on a lot more things than we disagree on.

    And when we disagree on social issues, the difference is, for the most part, a matter of degrees. Remember, before Katha chastised Dennis Kucinich for being "anti-choice" (whatever that means...) in 2003, he had a perfect score from pro-lifers.

    In any event, wealthy pro-choicers of the libertarian bent already vote Repub. Witness the Lincoln Chafees and the Arlen Specters of this world.

    I think Howard and Pat have to start talking more often. I suspect they have more in common than we are capable of admitting today.

    I know Dennis and Pat already talk, and have done so for some time...

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