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  •  Reid and Markos again showing terrible judgement (none)
    and frankly, the very opposite of leadership.  

    Just like this summer, when they were going on about what a great Supreme Court justice Alberto Gonzales would be - that he was "the best we could do" from Bush.  When in fact, Gonzales was so unpopular with the huge anti-torture, anti-crony, anti-Kerik, anti-executing-the-innocent, and even anti-abortion coalition that he could not possibly be confirmed.  Gonzales could actually unite the right, left, and middle against him.  

    But Reid and Kos were fans!  They were so terrified of the unknown, they just couldn't wait to lay down or bend over.  

    Today it's plain that their main enemy was fear, not Bush, since even Roberts looks like a better candidate than Gonzales by those measures.

    But now they're at it again with yet another crony White House counsel from Texas.  Can't we learn??  

    I wanted to know more about Miers.  But up front, her obvious deficit is transparent loyalty to Bush, not offset by any judicial record.  That can't be changed in hearings.

    It's pretty amazing that even in these particular intervening hurricane months, Reid and Kos still have trouble imagining that confirming an obedient crony to an important job could be a mistake.  And uh, since there's no chance that Bush will be before the Supreme Court for doing anything unconstitutional, let's spread while we bend over.  Anything else would be obstructionist!

    It would be laughable if some folks didn't consider these folks leaders.

    As with Gonzales, I can fantasize that Reid is secretly or unwittingly setting up Bush for a painful confirmation loss by nominating a ridiculously biased insider.  But her lack of a record may not be as damning than Alberto's infamous one.  And Kos really has no excuse.

    I have confidence that some of our Senators will articulately oppose inexperienced crony appointments - including and especially this one - and make the case that should be obvious to anyone who was awake this summer.  But Reid is a terrible, weak leader, and this is not a good start.

    •  Just like Nader and his voters... (none)
      showed terrible judgment in assisting Bush in his 2000 victory, a key decision that enabled Bush to make these picks.
    •  Contact your Senator and say that (none)
      even if s/he approved Brownie, Chertoff, and all of Bush's other cronies for the executive branch, and feels no guilt about the blood on all their hands, this is different - too important, too long-lived, too extraordinary to lie down for.  

      No matter how long it takes, approve someone with a record of independence - something we must demand of every judge, and most especially for the Supreme Court.

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