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  •  what does putting this woman on the (none)
    s ct have to do with healthcare. look, i agree with the principles that a) the democrats need to take more risks b) that they need to fight more to prove they aren't weak c) that they need to show leadership (in the john wayne style of leadership that the republicans show) d) develop a brand that is beyond just reacting to the right e) unify and f) that we have missed opportunities. some of those past opportunities were simply in my mind right now from what i am seeing and hearing better chances- schiavo, katrina, social security, roberts nomination, etc. but, show me how this woman fits into all of that- is she to be opposed simply because bush nominated her or are you providing something upon which to lay a real battle so that the risk that you are asking people to take will result in a change of leadership so that for example you can obtain the healthcare shifts you are seeking?

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