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  •  Attorney client privilege (none)
    Is there any reason to believe that because Meirs is White House counsel, and not a judge, that Bush might have had very specific non-discoverable discussions with her about her feelings on abortion, prayer, her love of Scalia opinions, etc.?

    The right is up in arms, but perhaps the left should worry that her nomination means Scalia's opinions have three votes behind them now.  (The other being Thomas's.)  Given what good friends they are, I could see Bush asking her directly "How would you vote on abortion?", whereas a judge with even a shred of credibility would play coy.  I think Meirs more than any other nominee, is MORE likely to vote exactly as Bush/Scalia would want her to vote.  

    Her high opinion of BUsh's intellect should be enough to disqualify her from the job.

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