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  •  Miers may end up swing vote... (none)
    Honestly, the sound of spinning wheels and the smoke in the air can only mean one thing...none of us know for certain what the hell a Miers appointment means.  In law school a professor dryly noted one time that a swing vote is someone who hasn't got their feet firmly planted on the ground.  I agree.  Miers could end up very similar to O'Connor (who had a much stronger conservative background than Miers does coming in to the court) in that she goes with her gut, not her judicial philosophy.  That's honestly not a bad thing, and one that I encourage.  After all, read a Scalia decision where he's trying to justify expanded government or more intrusion by the Feds on the states and you hear the crying of a heart knowing it wants to do the right thing and a brain unable to let it.

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