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  •  For this time, (none)
    Dems should concentrate on the hearing process and do not think much about the outcome. If Meirs is an ideal conservative, Dems cannot do much against her. If she is Bush's blunder, let conservatives to figurethat out.

    What Dems can do (and should do) is to provide an exemplary hearings process, with all reasonbale questions and inquiries. Not that kind of blabla as with Roberts, where the main concern seem to be avoiding tickling.

    We cannot say much now how the hearings will play out, and what options will be available. Better options will come only with good questioning.

    •  I agree (none)
      Make the process exemplary, dignified and fair. Let Meirs carry her own water with good answers.  My gut makes me wonder if she is a "straw man" that the Senate REPUBLICANS will knock down.  The DEMS may be getting played here. If the Senate REPUBLICANS can maintain the appearance of standing up to the President and asserting their Constitutional role, then Bush will have to send up another name. If the DEMS burn all their good political mojo on Meirs, they may end up with not much with the REAL candidate...  OK, the fresh air is helping...I think I am getting past the conspiracy freak-out...
      •  Why do so (none)
        many people assume fighting Miers will "use up all of our ammo"? That is totally silly.

        If we stop her, and Bush puts forward a KNOWN wingnut, then we'll be able to fight them all the easier, not harder.

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