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  •  Plenty Of Evidence To Confirm... (none)
    that this is a nominee that will ultimately appeal to the social conservatives. There are many sources that say her views on abortion are consistent with evangelicals. She tried to get the ABA to change their abortion stance. She has given  money to pro-life groups.

    There was evidence with Roberts as well early on that was dismissed. We were told to wait until the confirmation hearing to find out more. The selling of Roberts began then, just like it will with Miers. Then, as now, we will not build an atmosphere of opposition that will rally pro-choice swing voters behind us. We will be told to wait and see and keep our powder dry. We will be told that somehow that if we are able to muster a sufficient public outcry to force moderate GOP senators and democrats to scuttle the nomination, we will have angered the political gods of fate. Bush will then nominate a more extreme extremist nominee and that coalition will  somehow be too tired to resist any longer.

    Oh what a terrible path that is. Accept our victory that we have a stealth not so extreme extremist. We could have an in your face extreme extremist. We have won! Like freedom, Liberalism is on the March!    

    Charles, the Frenchman, was leaving his Parisian home for a few weeks confided in his friend, Pierre, "I always hate leaving my wife for so long like this. When I'm away, I just don't know what she is doing. There's always the doubt, always the doubt."

    Pierre said, "Charles, I'll tell you what. Because we're such close friends, I'll keep an eye on her every evening that you're gone."
    "You would do that for me, Pierre?" Charles said, relieved.
    "Oh thank you so very much. I know I really should trust my wife, but it's just that there's always the doubt, always the doubt."

    So Charles went off on his business trip and returned to Paris three weeks later. The two men met again.
    "Charles, I'm afraid I have bad news for you,"
    Pierre said. "The very first night you were gone, I watched this man go to your house. Your wife opened the door naked and kissed and hugged him. He fondled her breasts. He rubbed her crotch. Then they closed the door to go upstairs. Never daunted, I climbed up the tree outside your house and watched them in the bedroom."

    "And so...?" inquired Charles. "Well, first they took off all his clothes..."
    "What happened then?" asked Charles.
    "Then," Pierre shook his head sorrowfully, "then they closed the curtains. I could see nothing. I could learn nothing more."
    Charles sighed a deep sigh. "So you see how it is, my friend? Always the doubt, always the doubt."

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