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  •  I keep hearing this argument.... (4.00)
    oh, we are so lucky they didn't send us someone worse.
    Well lucky us. We have an unqualified president who has appointed his C- friends to all levels of government and it has worked out so well for the country.

    Here we have a nominee who is unqualified, thinks bush is brillant(there is your clue, guys), is NOT anywhere near moderate(what is Reed thinking!?), and we are lucky???

    I totally understand the frustration of those who are threatening to leave the party. At some point we and our leaders have to stand up for what is right. Is it right this unqualified crony of bush gets a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court?

    I say we fight her tooth and nail. Make them nominate someone who represents the majority of the people. So they send up someone more extreme. Fight until they get it right.

    Its very sad to see democrats so lost and impotent that this nomination is considered a victory.  

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