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  •  listening to Bush's press conference now (none)
    He's been talking about Miers throughout, but what is striking as I'm listening is the complete disconnect between the qualifications Miers possesses and the qualifications I expect most people expect (and should expect) from a fully qualified Supreme Court justice. Bush keeps emphasizing her as a leader--that she lead the Texas Bar Association, that she's risen to leadership positions, blah blah blah.

    But those are qualifications for administrative positions. Meanwhile, the dumbass has nothing to say  about her intellectual qualities, her deliberateness, her mastery of Constitutional principles and precedent.

    It's nothing we haven't recognized around here, of course, but it bears saying again:

    Harriet Miers is a partisan hack. Her nomination is yet another example of Bush cronyism at its worst, and reflects a complete failure of intellect and imagination by the President.

    •  Very true (none)
      Yes, and it's insulting to hear intelligent people--journalists and senators--hem and haw and generally ignore the elephant in the room:  She doesn't have the qualifications. She is a mediocre lackey with a law degree (from SMU, my alma mater, god help us!).  The idea that somehow during the Senate hearings we are going to discover anything about this woman's brain that will make anyone believe she actually is well qualified to decide constitutional issues for the next thirty years is just laughable.  Or it would be laughable if this country weren't standing on such a dangerous precipice.

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