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  •  That announcer was a Bosox hero, to you know... (none)
    Hawk Harrelson was a nobody until that 1967 WS visit by your beloved Crimson Hose.

    I take exception to your characterization of him.

    I am very happy to listen to him, year in and year out.  He adds a lot to one's understanding of the game.

    Hawk talks baseball with the best of them.  His euphemisms are not for everybody, but he talks technical baseball phenomenally well.  I have learned more about hitting and strategy from listening to him than from any other broadcaster I've heard.  And coming from St. Louis, I am a Serious fan and student of the game.

    I live in the Chicago area, raised in St. Louis, where I experienced Harry Caray, Joe Garagiola and Jack Buck - THREE Hall of Fame announcers - on the air at the same time.  Only Jack Buck deserved it.

    Weak technical announcers:

    1. Vin Scully - silky voice and made the time pass nicely, but not a serious fan's announcer
    2. Joe Garagiola - All 'hot stove league' shmoozer that never talked about anything current - just the past
    3. Ron Santo - the biggest whining, apologizer EVER - a disgrace to the Cubs organization - and for a team that hasn't won since 1908, that is saying something
    4. Harry Caray - I listened to him drunken babble from 1960 on, with the Cardinals and all of his years with the White Sox and Cubs (about 30 years of him in all), and never EVER heard him say one word about strategy or technical aspects of the game.  A drunken idiot, and a hale fellow well met - and the reason Wrigley became the world's biggest Irish Pub (and why the Cubs will now never win until Wrigley Field is no longer their perrenial MVP)
    5. Jon Miller - who the HELL ever hired that idiot?  Joe Morgan must be embarrased to go on air with him.  He doesn't know a sacrifice from a sticky wicket.

    P.S. Kick Astro's ass, Sox!

    P.P.S. The world doesn't revolve around Boston and New York, though ESPN seems to think so.  At the same time, I was VERY happy for the Red Sox last year.  And going from 3-0 to losing in 7 couldn't have happened to a nicer team than the Yanks... Fuck 'em.

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