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View Diary: The 'Up or Down Vote' talking point is dead (73 comments)

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    The direction of the vote is crucial. It must be a vertical vote. Anything but is sufficient to get you labeled as a traitor of your own GOP.

    Find me one of the quoted luminaries who forgot to emphasise the verticality of the vote. You can't. Not one of them mentioned a "vote", "pro or contra", "yes or no", "yays or nays", "confirm or deny"... no sir, none of that. It's everyone's "up or down" vote, and any other direction (or omission of direction!) is punishable by the Talking Points Act.

    So if any of you think that they sound like blabbering idiots because they repeat the same phrase using the same words in the same order - that only means they are respecting The Talking Points Act, just like any law-abiding citizen should. And you should at least respect that.

    If there is freedom to say 2+2=4, everything else follows - "1984"

    by DrFairday on Thu Oct 27, 2005 at 08:42:09 PM PDT

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