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  •  Sorry, call me a pie in the sky dreamer (none)
    That would be moon pie, of course. Actually, my favored approach would be to delink as many people from the grid as possible. Home solar panels and fuel cells are just now becoming affordable, on the order of about $10,000 per home. Wind power would be very useful in certain parts of the country. I can even support nuclear fission in some cases, since the technology has improved over the last thirty years. Ultimately, however, we must accept the fact that the only inexhaustable source of power we have is the sun. That leaves solar and wind power as the best long term solutions. Whether they are on earth or the moon or in orbit, solar panels will not run out of fuel until the sun goes red giant on us.

    All the other stuff is just fun speculation.

    Do Pavlov's dogs chase Schroedinger's cat?

    by corwin on Fri Nov 11, 2005 at 07:37:02 AM PST

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