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  •  FYI (none)
    did you know that humans have already altered the rotation of the earth?  Yep, its true.  By building so many dams, thereby impounding huge amts of water (which weighs ~8lbs/gal)behind them, we have redistributed enough of the earth's weight to affect its rotation.  Pretty wild to consider
    •  Earth's rotation not slowing as fast (none)
      Yes, the amount of water held in the upper Northern and lower Southern hemispheres has shifted  weight away from the equator and helped the earth maintain its rate of rotation about the poles.  Astronomers had calculated the rate of deceleration and found that it wasn't slowing as quickly as it should have.
      They then figured out why- like a spinning figure skater pulling in their arms toward their axis, the weight of the water was the variable which altered the original estimate.

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