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    I think we're getting to the common ground here. As I said, TD will be an important process.  It is a useful form of recycling. All I am saying is that it has no prayer of, for example, eliminating our dependence on foreign oil (or even of reducing it since all of its inputs depend on other energy inputs). If you go back and read my first comment, you will see that I suggested solar power for TD plants.

    Really I am not running down TD! It simply isn't going to be a source of energy.

    What it will be is a source of oil that will become economical when crude oil prices rise to a certain level. It is also going to be one of the sources we will have to turn to for plastics, lubricants, and pharmaceuticals when conventional oil gets too expensive. Yes, it squeezes more efficiency out of present energy use, but it gains nothing. All of the energy you get from TD is energy that was originally put in from some other source.  (Crude oil is the same, it just seems like magic because nature put the energy in there over millions of years, we didn't have to. With TD, the waste is all produced by energy we had to put in.)

    So at this point, I think we are violently agreeing. TD is important and useful, but it won't solve our energy problem. No one technology will. Our only way out is to substantially diversify our energy sources and to shift as much as possible from extraction sources to sustainable sources.

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    by evilpenguin on Sat Nov 12, 2005 at 06:56:00 AM PST

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