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    With the re-emergence of Ahmed Chalabi as the Bush administration's prime player for connecting U.S. economic interest to the free flow of oil we should expect Chalabi's future commitments to the U.S. to be as duplicitous and unreliable as the "being greeted with flowers" intelligence he provided to the planners of the Iraq liberation. In August of 2005, Russian and Chinese military units conducted joint military exercises based on a scenario of injecting the coalition into a region torn by civil and sectarian violence. With the U.S. 2006 elections on the horizon, with the path of least commitment to Iraq emerging under the buzz phrase of Iraqi autonomy, the Russians and Chinese stand poised to fill any power vacuum left by U.S  If political conditions in Iraq do degenerate enough for Iraqi lawmakers to invite a coalition of Chinese and Russian troops as "peacemakers" it is highly probable that the Saudi royal family will displaced by extremists as well, further priming conditions for completely choking the United States out of political influence on oil. The entire scenario could have been avoided.  If the U.S. had simply occupied Afghanistan after 911 with the same force levels that Gen. Shineski recommended for the occupation of Iraq, the ongoing containment of Iraq would have reached its logical conclusion, and U.S. troop levels would have been sufficient to react to any development in the region that threatened vital U.S. interests.

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