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  •  Call Chuck Schumer.... (none)
    ....he's head of the DSCC.

    OK, so Lieberman is a Bush apologist.

    Schumer's unwillingness to even go so far as to say that a primary challenge to Lieberman is a matter for the Connecticut Democratic Party marks Schumer as a Lieberman apologist, and by extension, as a Bush apologist.

    There's a large part of me that genuinely feels that Joe's goal is to insure that US Security policies are so much more draconian and savage than Israeli Security policies (as is already the case with our pro-torture interrogation doctrine, one which has already been rejected by the Israeli Supreme Court) that little things like non-judicial assassination, continuing violation of UN Resolutions, illegal nuclear, chemical and biological WMD Programs, and so forth, will be comparatively moderate and more defensible than they are at present.

    But maybe I'm wrong, and what's called for is for Joe to give a wide-ranging deposition in Syrian custody while undergoing waterboarding, beatings to the testicles and soles of the feet, and a range of enforced stress positions of the kind that he finds acceptable practice. Perhaps then we could see what kind of stuff Joe Lieberman is really made of.

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