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  •  Two items point to no mandate to justify presence: (none)
    1. The current leader of Iraq justified retaliation against troops, proof that a majority want us gone. Democracy is rule by majority. bush wants Democracy in Oilraq, Democracy told us to leave.

    2. The Constitutionally mandated approval vote had disparate turnout in comparison to polls and attendance monitors. We've created a sham front for a Government, and cannot get it right because the sham told us to scram.

    The same thing people in Conn need to tell JoeLie!

    They closed enough bases down there yet for people to get the hint, or are they holding that over his head just like they used base closures to renew tax cuts and defense appropriations that lacked oversight...

    JoeLie singing the same tune.

    •  don't forget (none)
      Lieberman is an Orthodox Jew (who are generally very anti-arab and palestinian) and an AIPAC whore.  This war was fought for O.I.L. (Oil Industry, Israel, Logistics of Military - Military Industrial Complex).  

      He's not Connecticut's Senator, he's Ariel Sharon's.

      When can we run a fucking primary against this douche-bag?  I'd rather have a Moderate Republican than a Rightwing religious conservative who's alleigance is to other nations.

      •  Generalize much (none)
        "Lieberman is an Orthodox Jew (who are generally very anti-arab and palestinian)"

        And blacks smell funny, and all Puerto Ricans are good in a knife fight...women are hysterical...gays are sissies...and so on...

        Generalize much?

        In loving memory: Sophie, June 1, 1993-January 17, 2005. My huckleberry friend.

        by Paul in Berkeley on Tue Nov 29, 2005 at 10:24:06 AM PST

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        •  But Women ARE hysterical! (none)
        •  i said "generally" (none)
          There are a lot of branches of Judaism.  Orthodox TEND to be very pro-Israel (which is usually NOT pro-equitable peace), view Arabs/Palestinians as primitive and child-like.  Make no mistake that Lieberman is not much different from Fallwell when it comes to zeal.

          And yes, I said "generally".  

          Howcome we can rail against Fundamentalist and Evangelical Christians for trying to turn our country into a Theocracy, but we can't call out other religions on their bullshit?  

          And you know, I've met some Fundie and Evangelical Christians who are socially libertarian.  I don't agree with them on some things, but they dont believe in Dobson's politics.

      •  How disgusting (none)
        that you involve Liebermans jewish heritage to say that he is more loyal to Israel than to the US. Revolting. There is not a shred of evidence for that.

        You may or may not agree with Liebermans positions, that's not the issue. But there is no reason to come with statements such as these.

        •  no? (none)
          Why not come with statements like these?  

          It's not his "jewish heritage" but his religious zeal.   IN GENERAL, Orthodox (and everything else to the right in Judaism) believe that Israel and all of Israel is the promised land of the jews ordained by God.  

          Dobson and his religion believe that the US is the holy land of Christians ordained by God.

          I surmise that Lieberman's retarded, delusional support of the Iraq war has much to do with his religious beliefs.  

          And I dont care if you are a Christian, Muslim or Jew, I'll call out religious BS.  More people have been slaughtered in the name of God than for any other reason.  

          Lieberman and his close ties to AIPAC are highly suspect.  

          •  You don't know shit (none)
            The extreme Orthodox Jews are against the idea of a Jewish state because they believe that only the Messiah can bring about a Jewish state.  In 1948, they protested againt Israel's establishment.  They continue to undermine Israeli policy.  Lieberman is a Modern Orthodox Jew, the most liberal wing of Orthodoxy.  Like the American population as a whole, when the Iraq war broke out, Modern Orthodox Jews were split over the war.

            You may want to call out religious BS, but you who needs to be called out for your religious BS.

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