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  •  loop holes (4.00)
    first off, it's as if you are blind to the FACT that making exceptional status of the net can open loopholes.

    "And of course, that legislation means shutting down the internet as a First Amendment zone, accessible to all on an equal footing, whether it's your Aunt Ethel or Jack Abramoff or Haliburton."

    Equal footing... right, having money doesn't mean anything on the net, it's a utopian love fest where money plays NO ROLE.  Everybody is on equal footing!

    What a crock kos!  This is what republicans say about the economy in general, you could start your own Halliburton after all just like they did, it's an "equal footing"!

    And you can be drunk and coked up till 40 and become president!  It's because we all have equal footing, even the coke-heads.

    Think the net is totally different and all the rules of reality won't hold within it is NOT reality based thinking.

    It's bubble thinking.

    Don't bubblize online-politics.

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