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  •  Wertheimer beyond reproach?? (none)

    We've seen time and time again where some big company spends a load of dough on a website and it doesn't do any better than some kid with Flash.  Talk of regulating the Internet helps nobody.

    Don't think for a second that the Religious Right in this country wouldn't love to lock down the Internet.  In fact, I'll bet that if the Republicans hold congress in '06, that we've got maybe 10 years before the Internet is completely regulated.  And they'll do it in the name of "protecting the children".  Fact is, people in power just HATE the idea that anybody can say anything, and it can reach millions, and they can't do anything about it.

    If we don't get behind organizations like EFF, it's a matter of WHEN not IF we will lose the freedom that the Internet brings us.

    Yes, you dopes, it IS a level playing field.  When I open a web site, I cannot tell if there's someone enormously rich and powerful behind it or the kid with pimples next door.  That is its great strength.

    And you best believe that there are plenty of Democrats and so-called liberals who would also like to see the Internet regulated, but they're "protecting us from Hate Speech" blah blah.  If they have power, they want to keep it, and the system that gave them power, intact.  The internet threatens that system in ways we haven't even thought of yet, so in thier minds, it has to go.  Wertheimer can kiss my ass.

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