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  •  Did YOU read Perlstein? (none)
    When a person, like Fred Wertheimer, does something that might effect you, he is corrupt? Did you even read the Perlstein comments? Fred Wertheimer has done a lot more for good government than you. (at least so far, I still have hope for you)
    •  All the more troubling (none)
      Nobody is denying Wertheimer's past efforts in fighting the good fight. On this one though, he appears to be wrong. ANd not just wrong, but by the definition of his own "logic" is inherently a corrupting influence.

      I and you may not think he is, but that is the basis of his argument and it is bunk. It also work contrary to the larger basic principles which we as a nation were founded on, unfettered public discourse (particularly in the realm of politics).


      Mitch Gore

      Nobody will change America for you, you have to work to make it happen

      by Lestatdelc on Tue Dec 06, 2005 at 01:14:36 PM PST

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    •  KOS lies (none)
      KJos did not tell everyone that other good government organizations were with Democracy 21.
      The letter was signed by the Campaign Legal Center, Common Cause, Democracy 21, the League of Women Voters, Public Citizen and US PIRG. All of these organizations are now corrupt? I think KOS is distorting the issue and lying by ommision. All to protect his power base?  Is it even threatened? Knowing these organizations - I doubt it.

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