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  •  I'm not trying to accuse... (none)
    ... or ascribe positions to you.

    I'm saying that the idea that "more free speech" is better, in THIS context, is the same as the argument that political spending is "free speech".

    Why shouldn't Sinclair Broadcasting get to use THEIR soap box  if they want, they "earned it" they "own" it they "deserve" it?  Why not?

    Sorry to be loud about it but to me a lot of people are wandering about trying to act like there is some fundamental difference, the net is like a parallel universe where the laws of man and nature are different, and it's not.  It's self-interest and special interest and territorial reactionary behavior, I think.

    We're told our little blogspot blogs are going to be taken down.

    that's bullshit, and not only bullshit, but good old bullshit we should not fall for... this is not about little blogspot blogs, this is about dkos with 10,000$ ad buys!  this is corporation vs. corporation, and I for one don't like that chains of populism yanked for corporate purposes.

    sorry if I seemed rude... this bugs me.

    •  When any or anyones (none)
      right to free speech is repressed we all are affected no matter how vicious or unpalatable it might be, just as the Nazis have the right to march in Scoki Ill, we all have to protect the unpopular as well as the acceptable no matter how hard that is to do.

      If we on the left repress free speech we have become what we abhor and fight against everyday, we will have become the opposition and they will have won the battle over the agenda, and democracy will be lost at least for the short term if not longer.

      We may disagree but thats what its all about, allowing the other person to speak and not repressing that voice even though one may vehemently disagree, ain't America great.
      Have a great day and holiday season.

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