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  •  Searching for the leader of the Americas (4.00)
    The sticking points from their view might include
    •  Free Trade policy equals exploitation
    •  The American controlled debt instruments, the IMF and the World Bank, are political weapons to be used against countries that defy its authority, like Indonesia, and Argentina.
    •  President Bush, through direct intervention, steered the decision on the new papalcy, from one that is more socially concerned, and possibly a South American Pope, to a  conservative, and European Pope.
    •  The Socialist movement in South America draws  criticism from the United States, the Socialist problem in China, is no problem.

    Post war U.S. policy painted every nationalist revolution in South America with the same broad brush of international communism. Marshall McLuhan remarked in 1964, that the modern world allows for centers of autonomy, like Cuba. Before Castro, Havana was the red light district of Miami. We fought a long bloody war with Vietnam, over Communism? Vietnam then fought a war with China. For what? Autonomy.

    The Socialist Revolution in South America is being exported to the United States. While Bush carries out class and economic warfare, Hugo Chavez gives heating oil to Americans. This winter when some New Englanders die from the weather, who will look more like the leader of the Americas?

    "Republicans hate the French Revolution, and everything it stands for; Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, but they love the Guillotine.

    by agent double o soul on Mon Dec 12, 2005 at 09:25:58 AM PST

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