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View Diary: Che Guevara Smacks Bush! (205 comments)

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  •  Repeating your posts over (3.75)
    and over and over.... does not make the point any more clear. I hear what you are saying. I understand your point of view. But being so repetitious does not help your cause. It only takes up space and ticks people off.

    I rated your post "Unproductive" because no new material was added - simply reposts.  That is not productive.  

    Come at this from another angle, quote another author, or try to grasp the nuances of how others see this differently than you.  No one has cornered the market on "The Truth" yet....

    •  Killing thousands of prisoners is a fact. (3.00)
      Please don't give credence to the "there is no facts, only differing opinions" universe of the GOP. There are simple facts that prove things. Killing thousands of unarmed prisoners in your custody makes  the person who did those acts a murderer.
      •  No one is disputing those (none)
        facts. He did what he did.  What is being discussed are your actions, which have not been productive.  And, by the way, the USA certainly doesn't have clean hands when it comes to killing innocent defenseless people. So...
      •  And.... (none)
        you are being hysterical. Nowhere do I deny the "facts"  that you have posted.  I am in no way, shape or form aligned with GOP thinking. You are getting personal over a discussion of ideas. I think you need to get a grip.  

        BTW, we'd be getting much farther today to agree that GW Bush is a murderer, while we are talking about killing unarmed prisoners in your custody.

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