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  •  Arguments of the right? (none)
    With regard to Che, I have no idea what those might be, and I certainly wouldn't borrow them. From what I can tell, the right ignores Che completely, and the left obsesses about him, is conflicted about him.

    From my personal standpoint as a pacifist, I reject Che's methods as harmful, even on the occasions when he was "successful." It seems to me that he left Cuba because he couldn't outshine Castro, and spent his last few years unsuccessfully looking for his own Cuba to rule.

    •  maybe I was wrong (4.00)
      to accuse you of purposefully using the arguments of the Right.  Your comments echoed the way Che was described by anti-Communists in the US during his lifetime. I agree that the contemporary Right has little interest in him.

      I guess we can never know for sure what drove Che to refuse the opulent lifestyle the other Cuban revolutionaries adopted.  Perhaps he was driven, as you conclude, by a desire to rule another country alone. But this unlikely based on the historical record. The current consensus is that Che was uninterested in being in power, that he was almost pathologically a revolutionary.  This is based in part on his total disinterest in the trappings of power during his time in Cuba after the victory of the revolution, though also on his writings and the testimony of those who interacted with him.  I don't have time to find a link, but you should check out the biographies by David Sandison or Daniel James.

      For all Che's faults, a desire for power was not one of them. I cannot accept him as a hero, for he believed violence was the answer and that the masses should conform to a socialist government. He was a real person whose complexity is often lost because those who reject him and those who whorship him reduce him to a symbol.

      "All the freaky people make the beauty of the world." - Michael Franti

      by SFprogressive on Mon Dec 12, 2005 at 10:35:02 AM PST

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